Moulded from real oak, Millboard is the world’s finest wood-free outdoor flooring. Where even the highest quality hardwood can warp, splinter, rot, fade and lose its original appearance and appeal over time, Millboard is designed to withstand even the most challenging conditions.

Because Millboard’s unique Lastane® surface is non-porous and anti-fungal we can boast the highest anti-slip rating, ensuring outdoor spaces are safer and will look inviting for years to come.


  • Discover the beauty of outside living
  • Outdoor inspiration
  • Style all year long
  • Enjoy your space
  • Contemporary vision


  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Ultra low maintanance
  • Sub frame systems


  • Emberred
  • Charred
  • Slip resistant
  • Dimensionally stability


  • Driftwood
  • Vintage
  • Slip resistant

The GRAUTHOFF Doors Group

For more than 50 years, the name GRAUTHOFF has been standing for high quality, innovation and creative product design. Tradition and the modern world connect closely within this family company. The renowned product brands HGM, ASTRA and licht&harmonie comprise a set of doors and frames with a huge choice of types, options and surfaces in line with the requirements of the market.

Corian Worktops

Blend of form and function

  • Enduring resilience
  • Sleek beauty


  • Formed into virtually any shape
  • Select colours have a unique translucency, an ideal choice for superior illumination

Corian solid surfaces

  • 108 Corian colours
  • Low maintenance
  • Designed to blend with other materials


  • Non porous
  • Easy to clean and does not require sealing

Design possibilities

  • Countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, interior wall surfaces, bath and shower surrounds, desktops and windowsills
  • Stains and scratches easiliy removed to restore it to it's original appearance